Why It’s Important to Clean Gutters Regularly

Why It’s Important to Clean Gutters Regularly

Why It’s Important to Clean Gutters Regularly

It’s in your best interests to keep gutters clean and free from debris. This prevents damage to your home and costly repairs. However, it’s all too easy to let Gutter Cleaning slip down the list of chores that need doing. It’s rarely a favourite job, and can be dangerous and difficult. Before you know it your gutters have clocked up several years without so much as a cursory glance. However, gutters need cleaning regularly.

Why Do Gutters Need a Regular Clean?

We live in Britain, famed the world over for one thing: rain. Combine this with prolonged autumn with our beautiful deciduous native trees dropping their leaves and being met with a blustery wind, everyone’s gutters are prone to blockages.

The problem is that gutter blockages spell danger that regular gutter cleaning prevents. They can cause structural damage both internally and externally, and result in expensive repairs.

Whilst a one-off clean is great, unless you have a professional doing the job it’s likely that it will be incomplete at best. Additionally, you’re likely to forget about it until a problem strikes.

Why Use Professional Gutter Cleaners?

Very few homeowners possess either the right tools or the right skills for a gutter cleaning task. Thinking that it is a simple case of climbing a ladder and emptying the debris in to a black sack is where the first problems lie.

Even if you have a ladder which extends to gutter height, this is a dangerous position for an amateur. Additionally, it becomes all too easy to put undue weight on the gutter in the process potentially causing more damage. Further damage can be caused by using the wrong implement to help, for example a metal scraper in a plastic pipe, or by accidentally lodging the blockage further in to the pipe, or even disturbing a wasps nest.

What to Look for in a Professional Gutter Cleaner

A reputable professional Gutter Cleaning company like Gutter Clean & Repair ensure everyone on their gutter cleaning teams are fully trained and insured. Combine this with professional gutter cleaning tools such as inspection cameras and ladderless cleaning equipment and the job is faster, more effective, and hassle-free.

Expert gutter cleaners will also do minor repairs in the process, but importantly, with regular checks, they will be able to identify worsening problems before they become bigger issues, for examples cracks. They will also be able to offer advice on issues such as the fitting of gutter guards if you have particular problems.

Finally, a professional gutter cleaning company will not leave the job until they have tested the complete guttering and pipe system. This way you can be sure the job is done and there will be no nasty surprises come the heaviest rains of the year.

Who Needs a Professional Gutter Clean?

In short, every property needs regularly cleaned gutters as part of their ongoing maintenance. This is true for the individual home owner but of even more importance for landlords and commercial property managers and owners. Ensure an annual gutter clean, and a biannual gutter check, to ensure you’re ahead of the game.

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